Impact Development Training Group

Outdoor Events

We can provide problem solving tasks, teamwork challenges and leadership opportunities or you can choose from a range out outdoor pursuits and adventure activities, all of which can be used as stand alone activities or combined to create a bespoke programme.


Detonation Countdown

det_countdown.jpgA satellite carrying fast evolving alien life forms has crashed in the area. The exact location and means to destroy it can only be obtained by hard work, teamwork and excellent communication.

With limited time to save the world and the clock is already ticking...The group take part in lots of outdoor activities to reach their final goal!

Great for:
Adventurous activity
Promoting networking and teamwork
Having fun!

Knockout Contest

This consists of practical, problem-solving exercises designed to promote communication within teams.

Using the resources we give you and confined by constraints we impose e.g. boundaries, time limits, budget etc. your team's task is to solve the problems, achieve the objective and win the Contest.... and your time starts NOW!!!! This event can be run both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal for:

Combining physical and mental challenges
Competitive challenge
Fast paced and non-stop fun

Alliance & Leicester - "Thanks to the Eclipse team for making these events so successful. Nothing was too much trouble and every event was given the personal touch."


pap_group.jpgIt is not just about the production of top quality prints. Following a phase of intense creativity and armed with a camera we invite your team to demonstrate their ability to win lucrative business contracts with Paparazzi Inc. Deadlines are tight and the competition is fierce.

This is your opportunity to show us what kind of team your are.

Great for:
Quick decision making
Negotiation skills
Initiative and boldess

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Our team building events are all individually priced depending on group size, location and complexity. Please contact us.