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Indoor Events

Eclipse can offer a wide variety of creative and engaging team activities suitable for indoor spaces.


Spaghetti Function

spag_funct.jpg Compete in an architectural competition to design a visionary new headquarters for your company. Buildings must embody the company's culture, vision and values. The raw materials for building the model are spaghetti and marshmallows! Teams generate finance by completing a series of team challenges.

Pepsi"I just wanted to say thanks once again for the fantastic input from the Eclipse team at the R&D workshop. We had a great event - most people haven't had that much fun in years yet we did take some serious outputs back to the workplace. Our feedback scores of 85% on average were due in no small part to you and your team."

Car's The Star

The challenge is to build a life-size sports car from the chassis up using only paper. Sub-teams construct components, and check with other teams that dimensions are compatible to ensure a perfect fit at assembly stage.

A conference suite is rapidly transformed into a bustling car assembly plant littered with newspaper. The ripping sound of sticky tape being wound around axles, transmission shafts and roll bars compete with the noise of meetings between team representatives. Once fully constructed, an anecdote rich sales pitch is delivered to launch the car.

ideal for:
Creative, fun and challenging
Inter-team co-operation
Customer service theme
Can be run anywhere

Chocks Away

chocks_away.jpgA fully interactive challenge similar to Car's the Star but this one involves constructing a life-size biplane indoors!

Blueprints and basic materials are provided to build an aircraft with a five-metre wingspan, big enough to accommodate a life-size pilot. A newly appointed management team co-ordinate teams who make sections of the aircraft that fit together at assembly stage.

Meanwhile, a marketing team sell the aircraft to a fickle and sometimes, difficult customer. After a safety inspection, an Airworthiness Certificate is awarded and a full marketing launch is made in front of the client and proud workforce.

ideal for: 
Inter-team co-operation
Time management
Quick decision making
Customer service

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